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Background Screening Support for Candidates

You’re probably on this web page because you have recently had a background check completed or are about to start your hiring, contractor, volunteering, or renting journey. Welcome, and let us introduce ourselves.

Reinvestigation requests: If you believe something on your consumer report is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact the team as follows:

If you have supporting documentation, please provide that to the Compliance Department as it can help expedite your dispute.

Consumer report requests: If you would like a copy of your consumer report, please contact the team as follows:

To receive all the information in your file per Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, please email Asurint at [email protected] or mail at Asurint, P.O. Box 14730, Cleveland, OH 44144 and provide proper identification such as a government-issued ID card.

If you are a victim of human trafficking and wish to submit documentation to block or dispute information on your consumer report prepared by Asurint, please click here.

Have questions regarding Asurint, the background screening process or your consumer report? Review our Frequently Asked Questions for answers or contact our Compliance Department. 

Who is Asurint?

Asurint is an background screening company that completes thousands of background checks each week for companies across the world. We are focused on quality and experience, and that doesn’t stop with the businesses we serve. We believe that every candidate should be treated fairly throughout each step of the screening process. So much so, that we provide direct access to compliance and customer support experts to answer your questions and help you through this process.

Below are a few tools you may need and resources to help you better understand background screenings:

Request a Copy of Your Report

Submit a Candidate Dispute

Background Screening FAQs

Victims of Human Trafficking