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About Us

Background Checks That Make Sense

If you’re looking for just another faceless background check company that can check boxes to add to your vendor list, we aren’t it. Asurint is powered by a passionate team of real people dedicated to helping you make a difference. While our competition might offshore some of their operations, we rely on our detail-oriented staff to deliver not only the results you need but match you with the correct solutions for your challenge from the start. This human resource consulting business isn't for those who only see the bottom line. We champion technology and data and pride ourselves on our compliance practices, accuracy and turnaround times, but what really makes us different is our team of visionaries who never settle. They define who we are, how we got here and how we keep perfecting what we do for you*

  • The Asurint Difference

    We grew from an idea of how to be better.

    Asurint was created by industry experts who saw an opportunity to break away from the status quo and reimagine the background check process. We applied technology to the process and created a continuously expanding system that uses intelligence to find information—not just manpower or databases. In doing this, Asurint was able to break the mold set by others to revolutionize the industry. Today our team and this approach have provided our clients with results 24-36 hours faster than the competition—and the team’s not stopping there.

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  • Our Team

    We are a team on a mission.

    Our employment background check company has been described as having an incredible team culture, unparalleled openness to new ideas, a family-like dedication to our clients and a natural passion to protect and give back to the communities we work with. We’re never content with success but rather driven by looking forward to what’s next.

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  • Integrations & Partners

    Our toolbox is fully loaded.

    Our digital world is no longer a one-stop shop, and we expect you already have software, tools, resources and technologies that need to work seamlessly with your background screening process. Our partners know we have in-depth experience with a wide variety of integrations, and we can make your workflows and systems operate exactly how you need them to operate. That’s why they refer companies like yours to us.

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  • Careers

    We’re more than just tech.

    Our team has hidden talents, intriguing passions and stands behind good causes. Why is that important? It’s a simple idea: we believe in giving our employees opportunities to reach their goals, both personally and professionally. If you don’t believe it, you should meet our HR team.

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  • Awards

    We’re proud of what we do.

    And we’re grateful communities and organizations recognize the hard work we’ve put in and the dedication we show to our clients.

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