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An Ideal Solution for Every Background Check

We know our clients are not the cookie-cutter type, and that means our background check services for employers can’t be either. Asurint’s solutions and products are made to work for you in any combination that gets you the information needed to make the right hiring decision. From sales to onboarding, to client service you’ll get lots of questions from our team, and that’s by design. The better we understand you and where your business is going the better we can help find the solutions that get results and do it quickly, which can save you time and money.


    Civil Background Checks

    Civil searches, where allowed by individual states, stem from criminal background searches to fill in federal and county records. Depending on your company’s needs, these searches may help in reviewing candidate for certain business positions.

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    Criminal Background Checks

    Every Asurint search starts by using technology and data to get a firm understanding of the depth and breadth of the search path. Our criminal background screening services cover the traditional requests by business, but also services that we’ve championed by leveraging our technology and data, such as our multi-county searches where available.

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  • Drug Testing and Medical Services

    Drug Testing and Medical Services

    Asurint offers lab-based drug testing with a multitude of panel configuration options.

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  • Financial Solutions

    Financial Solutions

    Depending on your industry and future candidate’s position, a financial background checkreport may be a package addition worth review. The Asurint team will help you review your local and state laws to determine if this is an option for your company.

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  • Social Security

    Social Security Number Searches

    Asurint offers a selection of Social Security number based solutions and service offerings to enhance your search packages. From pre-hire to post-hire, these solutions help validate candidate information using various methods based on your specific search needs.

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  • Motor Vehicle/Driving Records

    Motor Vehicle/Driving Records

    In competitive hiring situations, fast and accurate DOT, motor vehicle and verification searches are critical. No matter what records, requirements or searches you need, we have the solutions we can customize to help you get a new employee on the road faster.

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  • Verifications

    Verification Searches

    Verification reports are a key component to many employment screening processes in every industry.

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