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Criminal Background Checks

Every Asurint search starts by using technology and data to get a firm understanding of the depth and breadth of the search path. Our criminal background screening services cover the traditional requests by business, but also services that we’ve championed by leveraging our technology and data, such as our multi-county searches where available.

State & Local

State and local criminal background screening quickly and comprehensively searches an applicant’s relevant address history while still returning 4 out of 5 candidate results in the same day. Addresses are identified using the SSN Trace and can be set up to be automatically included in each search. All searches also include felonies and misdemeanors, and multiple address lookback options are available upon request.

Asurint’s criminal background screen options include:

  • Standard: State and local court search for all jurisdictions within the most recent 7 years of the candidate’s address history.
  • Comprehensive: State and local court search for all jurisdictions within the most recent 10 years of the candidate’s address history.
  • Unlimited: State and local court search for all jurisdictions within the candidate’s address history.
  • A-la-carte: Requested search of a particular jurisdiction (county or state) outside of the candidate’s address history.

Additional Names

An additional name, sometimes called an ‘alias,’ is a name that a candidate has gone by in the past. Searching for additional names is important to a thorough background screen and potentially increases the number of candidate records found. Asurint automatically identifies additional names using a candidate’s SSN trace. Additional name search options are available (1 additional, 3 additional, or unlimited additional) and can be added to state and local, federal, and international searches.


A search across all federal district courts. Crimes tried in U.S. district courts generally involve violations of the constitution or federal law and may not appear on county court records. These crimes may include tax evasion, embezzlement, bank robbery, kidnapping, mail fraud, and other federal statute violations. Reportable cases will be returned from states in a candidate’s address history.


A search for criminal activity outside of the United States. Asurint offers searches in more than 250 foreign countries, territories, and dependencies – where legally available to offer – and results include convictions based on the country’s laws and regulations.

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