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Civil Background Checks

Civil searches, where allowed by individual states, stem from criminal background searches to fill in federal and county records. Depending on your company’s needs, these searches may help in reviewing candidate for certain business positions.

Federal Civil Background Checks

Federal civil background checks (usually white collar offenses) include records that involve alleged violations of federal statutory or constitutional rights. These civil cases are brought by individuals, businesses or governmental entities regarding monetary damages, request injunctions to stop the allegedly illegal behavior or monetarily pursue other remedies provided by law. Federal civil cases deal with many issues, including interstate commerce, anti-trust activity and violations of federal codes.

County Civil (Upper & Lower) Background Checks

This background check for employers provides a quick and affordable way to learn if a person is involved in any litigation. The data is retrieved directly from the individual counties and contains filings of court cases containing all plaintiffs, defendants, case numbers and dates of filings. The type of filings available does vary from county to county, but generally, every type of filing is available. This is a manual search of county court records and goes back seven years. 

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