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Time flies when you’re monitoring changes in legislation, regulation, and litigation affecting the hiring process. But once again, the next edition of Keeping Up With Compliance, Asurint’s recurring webinar series, is ready for you right here

Asurint General Counsel Kelly Uebel and her team distilled the many happenings at the federal, state, and local level over the past few months into an easy-to-follow presentation, and they put their expertise to work in a Q&A session that followed. Keeping Up With Compliance continues to be one of our best attended live events and among our most popular after the fact as well. As usual, you can get all the information during our live event on October 26 or by watching the recording after

What can you expect if you devote a mere hour to Keeping Up? Our mission is to offer input on the wide range of questions HR professionals, recruiters, and staffing leaders have, such as: 

  • What legislation has passed so far this year and what do the new laws mean for employers? 
  • What’s the inside scoop on the shifting marijuana landscape? Can you test, how can you use test results, and how can you balance safety and staffing needs with a drug-free workplace these days? 
  • Where have the courts come out on key background screening issues? Have new legal threats emerged? 

Get answers from Kelly. But before you do, let us invoke her usual disclaimer: While Kelly is a lawyer, she’s not your lawyer. (Not even if you try the “send her $1” trick!) So please keep in mind that all of our Keeping Up With Compliance webinars are intended for educational purposes only. Use them to become more informed about trends and to flag issues to discuss with your own counsel.  

This webinar should get you caught up through Q4 in 2023 but always check back here for more compliance alerts. Not only do we host Keeping Up With Compliance webinars on the regular (quarterly!)—and we encourage you to join us live whenever you can—we also post compliance updates to this blog all the time. 

There’s no reason to be left in the dark about key compliance issues that could affect your recruitment, hiring, background check, drug testing, or other employment practices. When it’s important, you can count on Asurint to let you know!

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