Top 5 Key Takeaways from Staffing World 2018

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The Staffing World Convention and Expo for 2018 brought together hundreds of executives, leaders and professionals to discuss the staffing industry, its best practices and innovative strategies that can take staffing organizations to the next level. If you didn't get to go, that's OK! Some of Asurint’s employees were lucky to attend and exhibit at the conference in Washington D.C. and brought back some key takeaways for you from Staffing World 2018.

1.I-9 and U.S. Department of Justice Investigations


One of the hottest topics was the increase in I-9 and E-Verify compliance. The overviews on the state of complex I-9 and E-Verify brought people together to learn and discuss the increase in these audits and about what has changed and what might change in the industry.

2.Staffing Training & Development

Leaders in the staffing industry discussed scaling businesses through the training and development of employees. There is a lot to gain from taking an initiative to standardize and centralize the training process in order to meet the needs of the business. Staffing World shed light on how industry leaders should put efforts into creating and supporting work-based trainings to close the talent gap.

3.Shifting the Sales Mindset

Several speakers at Staffing World presented their findings on how staffing industry professionals can shift the sales mindset in order to close deals and buckle down on negotiations. Keynote speaker Mel Robbins addressed the audience with her successful “Five Second Rule” to shift the current sales strategy by interrupting stagnant periods of the process. Mel, alongside other successful entrepreneurs, put attention on changing the way sales normally do things in order to engage individuals and grow the business even more.

4.The Value of a Marketing Strategy

Most organizations have put focus on and relied on their website, social media and email blasts to gather up leads to generate sales. While these are a necessary part of marketing, Staffing World attendees gained a new understanding about marketing by documenting a strategy. Choosing marketing strategies that align with a staffing company’s goals can attract and retain not just more clients and candidates, but the right clients and candidates.

5.Accurate Background Screening

Finally, attendees were all abuzz about background screening. In today’s litigious environment, having a reliable screening provider is necessary to protect the business and keep away from negligent hiring. Focus on the Fair Credit Reporting Act, comprehensive reports, and data sources kept attendees thinking about this very important portion of the hiring process.

It was a busy week in the nation's capital, and hopefully you gained a lot of insight from Staffing World.  Are you in the staffing industry? We'd love to talk to you! Find the best candidates, place them faster, waste less time and impress your clients with Asurint's seamless screening process. We’ll help your brand grow as you demonstrate your abilities as a reliable provider of quality candidates to your clients.

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