Asurint Now Providing on Demand Instant Clears for New Mexico

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New Mexico joins the list of 25 other states that can provide instant clears on demand using Asurint’s proprietary IQLogicsTM criminal background check search engine. This comes on the heels of Asurint reporting 92% instant clear coverage for the state of California. Generally, criminal background screens performed in New Mexico would take up to two whole days to return any results. Now, with Asurint’s proprietary technology, this turnaround time has become virtually instantaneous. In addition to New Mexico, Asurint can provide instant clears for the following states:

Alabama Idaho Michigan North Carolina Rhode Island
Alaska Iowa Minnesota North Dakota South Carolina
Colorado Kansas Missouri Oklahoma Utah
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Hawaii Maryland New Jersey Pennsylvania Wisconsin

What is an Instant Clear?

Glad you asked! A “clear” happens when a background check performed on a candidate does not return any criminal history results in the specified jurisdiction of the search. That means you can hire the candidates you want faster instead of waiting around like you might be used to.

Why Don’t All States Have Instant Clears?

Generally, courts vary state to state, county to county, etc. Many don’t use electronic case management systems meaning that when information is requested for a candidate, the records will need to be physically collected and then returned to Asurint for processing. That’s right, a person literally runs out to the courts to request paperwork from another person who has to collect the proper records. That’s a lot of work and the reason turnaround times can be so laborious.

We’re working hard every day with the court systems so that you can rest assured that the background screens on your candidates are not only faster and more efficient; but are also more accurate and complete than ever before.

Want to learn more about Asurint’s secret sauce? Contact us today and we’ll give you the run down on what makes 7 out of 10 HR professional choose Asurint over their current provider.

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