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When it comes to legal and regulatory change, employers and the human resources professionals who handle the hiring and onboarding processes often struggle to keep pace.  

How come? Consider that the U.S. Census Bureau has counted over 35,000 local jurisdictions nationwide. Add in state and federal legislatures, a host of regulatory agencies, and a plethora of court cases—well, it becomes pretty clear why new compliance-related issues always seem to crop up.  

Asurint is on a mission to help employers evolve with this shifting legal landscape and we have just the resource—Kelly Uebel, our General Counsel and Chair of the Professional Background Screening Association.

Kelly just delivered another installment in her Keeping Up with Compliance webinar series. If you weren’t able to attend live, there’s nothing to fear—the recording is now available on demand.  

This is a “must see” if you’re interested in such topics as: 

  • The impacts on employers as states legalize cannabis and weigh in on marijuana testing of employees and candidates.
  • The latest bills and regulatory rules coming out at the local, state, and federal levels that could affect you and your hiring processes.
  • Key court decisions and details on how new precedents could affect employers’ legal risk.

It is important that we mention that the webinar is educational in nature and does not comprise legal advice. The insights Kelly shares, however, can alert you to emerging issues and help you prepare for conversations with your own counsel. 

From city councils to the U.S. Supreme Court, change marches on. But there are ways to keep up with compliance. Start by reviewing this webinar today

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