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Pick Up the Pace with Hiring Automation

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Some parts of the hiring process are a real drag. Adverse action and adjudication in particular can slow your team down and delay offers and onboarding—resulting in lost candidates and longer waits for essential new talent.

Fortunately, technology has caught up with organizations’ hiring needs, and automation can now relieve key HR pain points. If you didn’t realize that adverse action and adjudication could be automated, we have the webinar for you!

On Thursday, March 25th at 12 PM EST, Asurint is hosting Improve Your Hiring Process: Adjudication & Adverse Action Automation. The event will last about an hour and Asurint General Counsel Kelly Uebel and Compliance Manager Lindsey Rajan will take you through:
  • A high-level overview of the adjudication and adverse action processes. If you need to brush up on these topics, we’ve got you covered!
  • The steps you can take to automate both adjudication and adverse action. Who doesn’t want to turn over manual administration to the computers?
  • How Asurint can help automate these processes. You can count on the Screen Team to make life easier.
The presentation will be followed by a Q&A period, so come ready with your questions for Kelly and Lindsey.
Automation offers significant advantage in improving efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and hiring success. So plan on grabbing lunch or coffee on Thursday at noon EST and joining us for an informative session. You might be surprised how much of your team’s manual workload could disappear.

Not sure you can attend? Sign up anyway! We’ll automatically send you a webinar recording to review at your convenience and share with your team. If you happen to miss out on the live event, the recording will arrive in your inbox anyway. Just one less thing to remember!