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Find More Time in Your Day with ATS- and HRIS- Integrated Background Checks

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Is there anyone who doesn’t feel like they need more than 24 hours in a day to get everything done? Asking for a friend.

Yeah, 2021 has been extremely hectic so far. If your “to do” list is as overwhelming as ours, we have the webinar for you!  

It’s called Improve Your Hiring Process: Integrate ATS & HRIS for Seamless Background Checks. The purpose is to demonstrate how integrating background checks with your existing IT systems can transform a process full of manual drudgery into a simple click-and-go!

We brought together Asurint experts—Chief Technology Officer David Ramsey and Screen Team Integration pros Drew Auman and Rich Mauch—with special guest Michell Balsick, Senior Director of HR Systems & Compliance at Staffmark Group. They engaged in a robust discussion and Q&A that covered topics like:
  • What to consider when embarking on an integration
  • How to design integration workflows
  • The many ways we ensure a successful go-live
Of course, the people who most need a webinar like this are also the ones who simply cannot fit another teleconference into their busy schedules. That’s why we record every Asurint webinar, to make the content available at your convenience!

You can stream or download Improve Your Hiring Process: Integrate ATS & HRIS for Seamless Background Checks and fit in listening time whenever it suits. Feel free to share with your colleagues as well.

Although the Q&A session was wide-ranging, there is a chance that your specific questions weren’t raised during the live event. But that’s no problem, either. Asurint’s Screen Team is always happy to help. Contact us anytime and we can walk you through your integration quandaries or answer any other background check questions.