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Last Mile Transportation is Different. So Screen Differently.

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  • Last mile drivers come into close contact with the public, which increases legal and reputational risks related to a bad hire. 
  • Better background checks offer an accessible, affordable, and still quick-turnaround tool for making the best possible hiring decisions.
  • This article covers the “must have” elements of a quality background screen for the last mile driver. 

The transportation industry boasts diverse opportunities. Even driving jobs vary widely. 

Some drivers are perfectly suited to solo over-the-road positions. Others thrive when working with a partner to keep the truck in motion for a long haul. Then there are last-mile drivers, a unique and in-demand group of transportation employees.

The Demands of the Last Mile

Last mile drivers are unique: navigator, driver, delivery professional, and customer service rep rolled into one.

Like installation and maintenance personnel who enter customer homes and businesses, final mile drivers come into close contact with the public. That increases risk for employers, and it demands a different level of background screening.
Following U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines is a start, but employers should go a step further when hiring last mile drivers. Comprehensive background checks are essential in surfacing criminal records and other red flags about an individual the company will be sending into local neighborhoods. 

Elements of a Last Mile Driver Background Screening

Although nearly any provider will claim to handle all you need to get a complete picture of your last mile driver candidate, there are differences. Asurint’s comprehensive approach to criminal records, for example, takes advantage of our direct court relationships to surface accurate, up-to-the-minute records from across the country. We have great coverage, reaching into 85% of the U.S., for a reliable baseline search.

Add in address-based checks and you arrive at a complete solution. We identify the addresses associated with a candidate and then investigate further in areas around their current and prior residences. This is an ideal option for mitigating legal and reputational risk! 

A Matter of Time

Many employers are struggling to beef up vetting procedures. In today’s tight labor market, offers need to be made and onboarding must begin as soon as possible. If an extensive background check causes delays, seats can go empty.

That’s what makes the Asurint approach so valuable—we combine speed and quality in ways that other background check providers simply don’t. Even when we dig into local jurisdictions to obtain criminal history, we typically get the job done within 24 hours.

First-in-Class for the Last Mile

Transportation industry employers need a full picture of each candidate, not a hasty snapshot that misses essential details. And they need a comprehensive report as soon as possible, preferably same day. This is precisely what Asurint delivers.

Want more information about our recommended screening package for last-mile drivers? Simply contact us.

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