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For the Best Background Checks, Look for Technology and People

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Imagine you want to run a background check. You log into the system to initiate the process and…something goes wrong. Maybe the candidate is a high-level finance person and you’re thinking about performing a credit check, which you’ve never done before. Maybe a technical glitch is preventing you from ordering the usual report. Maybe you just have a compliance question.

Whatever the problem, you worry that your day is about to go off track.

This is where great customer service comes in. If you can immediately reach your background check provider for support and information, you’ll be back in the hiring business in minutes. If not, well…it’s a different story.

That’s why we at Asurint find it distressing that some background search companies continue to act as if technology is the only important factor in pre-employment screening services. In our opinion, you must put the “service” in screening service to provide a top-quality experience, and that requires great people. At Asurint, it’s our Screen Team  and you can meet several of them at that link.

Of course, technology is still vital at Asurint or we wouldn’t have devoted so much time and attention creating the industry’s first background search recommendation engine and developing and refining our latest cloud-native platform. We believe in automation for reducing manual tasks and avoiding potential human error. The difference is that we don’t stop there.

We understand that no tool can fill the gap when a client needs to talk through an issue, consider multiple options based on expert guidance, or obtain some quick upskilling to access functionality that will make their job easier. There are all kinds of circumstances in which a client needs to connect with an experienced screening specialist, so we’ve made investments to ensure that’s always possible:

  • Our customer service team is 100% U.S.-based, here in our headquarters in Cleveland, so they’re steeped in the fine points of background screening, drug testing, and compliance.
  • We retain a full array of background screening and compliance specialists. Whatever the subject matter, we have experts who can weigh in.
  • We continually monitor our results to drive improvement. Numbers like our 97% client retention rate don’t lie—and when issues demand more research than we can complete during a single conversation, the Screen Team never leaves a client hanging.

Our advice—if you’re introducing background checks for the first time or reconsidering an existing partnership with a screening provider, be sure to take people into account.

Ask any company you may be considering all the tough questions about where their customer service personnel are based, how many they staff, and what metrics they monitor to guarantee an exceptional experience for their clients. Also, talk to some references to verify what you hear.

That way, you’ll never be in the midst of an urgent onboarding mission only to find yourself stuck on terminal hold watching your time tick away.

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