Top Tips for Transportation Carriers Adapting to the New Hiring Environment

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America has asked a lot of trucking companies lately. And the industry has responded admirably, supporting supply chains and responding to customers’ and businesses’ rapidly changing needs.

Now after many weeks of on-the-fly adaptation, transportation professionals are ready to put in place the plans, processes, and technologies to ensure success and agility going forward.

Asurint is here to help. As part of our ongoing mission to provide simple, actionable information, we participated in a 3-part podcast miniseries on carrier hiring hosted by Chad Hendricks, President of Brand Outcomes, Inc. Recruit & Retain: Trucking Edition also featured representatives from Fleetworthy and Samba Safety, and together we discussed:
  • How automation of recruitment and onboarding tasks can help streamline workflows, enhance compliance, and eliminate those frustrating hunts through the filing cabinet. (Get this episode on iTunes or for Android.)
  • Where to find resources and data to drive better decision-making at this difficult time, as well as best practices for communicating the legal, operational, and safety information employees need to know (iTunes, Android)
  • A look forward with business continuity planning, hiring practices for an even more virtual world, payload-diversification strategies to mitigate risk, and more. (iTunes,  Android)
No one yet has the full picture of what transportation’s “new normal” will be, but these conversations provide expert insights to help you prepare for the most likely impacts. From supporting drivers’ mental health to accelerating recruitment to keep pace with turnover, the episodes reveal helpful recommendations in the very short amount of time we know you have available right now!

If you’ve been looking for a way to cut through the information overload, let us give you a hand. Download these episodes today or add them to your streaming queue for whenever you have a free moment:





And as always, please reach out to us here if there is anything Asurint can do to assist you in incorporating smarter background checks into your overall safety culture.