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How to Find Good Employees in This Economy—and Any Other

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Employers today face significant uncertainty. In the near-term, should one expect a recession and spiking unemployment, or is a soft landing more likely? Further out, how will workforce and workplace transformations unfold? And what will the next covid-level disruption be, and when could it hit?

No matter what comes, the need to attract, recruit, and vet the best talent will remain constant. That means HR teams need reliable, adaptable technology to continually improve hiring success, regardless of outside forces and their impacts.

Beyond Pandemic Shifts

Now that the World Health Organization has declared an end to the global health emergency, we don’t want to dwell on COVID-19. But it’s hard to examine the 2020s so far and ignore the pandemic’s far-ranging consequences.

In the field of background checks, many providers simply couldn’t deliver timely results during the crisis. Their court runners were barred access or their internal processes couldn’t adapt fast enough. Even as employers had urgent and changing needs, much of the industry struggled to supply basic service. 

We’ll admit it—we were proud that our automated direct court relationships allowed us to consistently return clients’ background reports. We’re glad we could implement our own workplace solutions to keep our Screen Team together (remotely). And we continue to celebrate their abilities to overcome nearly any obstacle.

But we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we rested on these laurels. We were nimble in 2020 and we must remain so, because the world isn’t getting any slower or simpler.

What does that mean in practice? Although such a mission has many facets, two critical elements are worth highlighting.

Enabling Agile Processes

The pandemic was a challenge we faced together, but every day, employers deal with unique changes in their markets, their industries, and their organizations. Every company needs to respond quickly and effectively to shifting circumstances.

A background check solution must facilitate—not inhibit—efforts to adapt hiring processes to current organizational needs and new labor market and workplace demands. One of the best ways to do this is to remove burdensome manual processes, which take time and attention away from more strategic concerns. 

Imagine enabling a team member to select a screening profile with a simple click, streamline candidate communications with web-based tools, or immediately flag the background check results that need extra review with an automated adjudication matrix. The time they save is like adding another HR or staffing employee to your team. And the fulfillment they enjoy when the job involves less administration and more impactful contributions can’t be overstated.

Keeping Pace with Compliance Requirements

Another area of constant change is compliance. It’s among the reasons why Asurint General Counsel Kelly Uebel hosts recurring webinars entitled “Keeping Up with Compliance.” It’s hard for even the most attentive HR or staffing professional to track what’s happening on the federal, state, and local level, let alone predict what legal and regulatory changes will mean for employment-related processes and policies.

All the better if a background check solution places compliance at the forefront.   Our end-to-end compliance engine verifies that records we return are legally reportable in accordance with applicable law. The engine is continually updated by our team of compliance experts, so it evolves alongside the legal landscape. 

Widely Accessible, Too

The ability to turn on a dime doesn’t need to cost big bucks. Want to explore what a truly nimble background screening provider can do for you in the currently uncertain economy and any environment yet to come?

Simply contact us.

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