Onboarding the Hybrid Workforce: Tips and Best Practices

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The emerging hybrid workforce takes many shapes. Some employers will continue to prioritize remote work, only occasionally requiring employees to come into the office. Other companies will once again become office-first environments but may enable employees to work from home more frequently than before. Still others will implement an even mix of on-site activity and telecommuting or an ad hoc, employee’s choice model.

No matter what structure—or structures—a company selects, onboarding must be adapted or long-term productivity and retention will suffer. Unfortunately, this isn’t a matter of simply putting traditional, classroom-style instruction online. Onboarding practices must be rethought to take advantage of on-site and internet-based learning opportunities.

A complete rebuild of your onboarding processes may sound complicated, but Asurint’s HR Business Partner Elisabeth Mayer and Manager of Learning and Development Erin Deal have some insights that can help. In Asurint’s most recent webinar, The Evolution of Employee Onboarding in a Post-Pandemic, Hybrid Workplace they offered a comprehensive look at acclimatizing new hires in this new world we now live in.

Discussion topics included:

  • How to make employees feel like part of the team, no matter where they work.
  • Technology systems available to enhance onboarding in the hybrid workplace.
  • Ways to blend on-demand and live learning opportunities to meet your employees’ needs
  • Methods for optimizing content for on-site and online delivery

Perhaps the best way to sum up this webinar is to say it helps employers tap into the best of all worlds—online and in-person, individual and group, on-demand and real-time. And check this out, we’re following our own advice. We streamed this webinar live so attendees could chime in with questions for our moderators. But because everyone’s schedules are different, we’re now offering the recording on-demand as well.

This is your link to The Evolution of Employee Onboarding in a Post-Pandemic, Hybrid Workplace to download or stream at your convenience. If after reviewing this content you need more information about how high-quality background screenings fit into an employee-centric onboarding process, just ask.

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