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Service is the Secret Sauce for Background Search Providers

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The vast majority of employers today perform some sort of background screen, according to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). With such high demand for solutions, the variety of products in the background search market has exploded, and weeding through the options has become quite challenging for employers.

With so many choices, it’s easy to get caught up in the technical details. Most providers will happily conduct software demos, and comparing the various user interfaces, reporting options, and other features is certainly important. Along the way, however, harder-to-assess factors are sometimes overlooked. One of the big ones to keep in mind is customer service.

Consumer Expectations Are Higher Than Ever

Customer service is where nearly any company establishes its brand or goes down in defeat. It matters little whether they’re delivering your phone service, selling a kitchen gadget, or performing the vital candidate background checks your organization relies on.

In fact, 60% of consumers have higher expectations now than they did just one year ago. That means companies have to do more to satisfy customers. Employers shopping for a background search provider should be aware that service is likely to determine whether their investment delivers the full value they anticipate.

For example, consider what will happen when you or your staff experience:
  • A problem using the product, which can’t be resolved based on the training manual or help files. Will you be able to reach a live person to walk through the issue?
  • An unusual search need, such as a high-level probe appropriate to a C-level executive or a look into a prospect who recently resided overseas. Can you get advice and assistance in formulating and executing the right investigation?
  • A compliance or policy question. Can you speak with experts who can explain the fine points of federal, state, and local regulations and how they may affect your organization’s background search decisions?
  • A technical glitch when there is an urgent need for a search right away. Will knowledgeable support staff be available immediately, so you can get on with the process?
Failure in any of these scenarios—and dozens more we could name—will only leave recruiters and other HR personnel frustrated and unable to perform their jobs efficiently. That’s unacceptable, at least to Asurint.

Technology + Service = Solution

We’ll admit it—here at Asurint, we are proud of our technology. For example, a powerful decision engine makes for more rapid and accurate background search returns, and compliance automation offers essential protection. But we also recognize that technology alone is not enough. Technology paired with people is what makes a real solution.

The humans behind the search matter. That’s why we don’t use overseas support resources. Every Asurint client services representative is based in our headquarters, so they’re fully in touch with all aspects of our operations and have the knowledge required to deliver great support.

We also invest heavily in our client services function. At a basic level, it means having plenty of people available, because we know you have better things to do than sit on hold. It also means putting in the effort to find and retain great people, train them well, and provide all the resources they need. We track our performance in detail, so we know how we’re doing against client expectations and where we can improve. And we’re transparent about our results:
  • Our average response time for incoming calls is just 45 seconds.
  • 89% of calls are resolved on the first contact.
Such swift, sure response enables you to move on from the current question or issue, so you can perform pending background checks, make an offer, and increase your hiring success. It’s part of how we help you make a great impression on candidates considering whether to join your organization or work for the competition.

Options Matter

Clients are very different and so are their support needs, so we offer customizable service levels to give you the added features you may need to elevate your background search capabilities. Prefer to live chat rather than talk on the phone? We’ve got you. Need extra guidance on compliance and legal matters? We can provide it. Want a strategic account team with criminal fulfillment, verification, compliance, and integration experts? Just let us know and we can build it into your solution.

Our commitment to great service starts at the first interaction, when a potential client is just beginning to examine their options. If you’d like a personal introduction to the background search market and the Asurint difference, give us a call at 800.906.2035 or make online contact here. We’ll gladly provide all the information you need and answer any questions as they arise.

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