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Talent Competition: Speed Up Background Searches to Achieve Your Hiring Goals

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We don’t need to tell you: the labor market has gone…weird.

When unemployment was at rock bottom, it made sense that prospects were difficult to convert to new hires and that many were ghosting companies and recruiters. These days, however, there are more people on the bench looking for opportunities—not to mention countless 'disengaged employees’ seeking greener pastures—but it takes a different sort of ‘pull’ for an employer to get them in the door.

The environment has changed and the competition for top talent is red hot, but the foundation of a successful hiring strategy is the same as it was a few years ago. Organizations must be candidate-centric and fast background checks have an essential role to play.

What Your Hiring Process Says About You

Candidate-centric hiring isn’t new. From enterprise HR departments to staffing firms, hiring professionals have transformed traditional recruitment by thinking like the prospects they’re trying to woo.
The most successful companies have attended to their employer brand, especially online. Organizations have built long-term talent funnels to capture individuals who may not be looking for a position at the moment but might need one in a few months or years or even accept ‘an offer they can’t refuse’ right now. Businesses have also overhauled pre-employment vetting.

Such candidate-centric initiatives are now more important than ever, because workers are looking for respect as much as money in their career moves. Companies can communicate that they value people by treating them accordingly throughout recruitment and onboarding.

Mobile-friendly job applications, for example, show that you know your audience, Millennials and Gen Z prospects in particular. Quality communication about a candidate’s status throughout the screening process demonstrates consideration for their time and personal investment in the potential job.

Importantly, a fast background check  displays similar thoughtfulness, usually at the most critical hiring stage—when the prospect is considering your offer.

How to Accelerate and Improve a Background Check

One of the first questions a candidate will have is, ‘how long will this background check take?’ Such a reaction is understandable. No one enjoys having their past probed. And any candidate might worry that a perfect career opportunity could be waylaid by an error on a background check. What if someone with the same name has a disturbing criminal record and it is accidentally attributed to them? 
It’s best to put minds at ease by completing a background screening as quickly and effortlessly as possible, while ensuring utmost accuracy. Candidates appreciate a streamlined process. What’s more, if you’re fast, other companies don’t have time to make a competing offer, and you get the advantage of the new hire’s contributions ASAP.

Asurint helps on all counts with:

  • ‘Instant Clear’ technology that lets you know almost immediately if your candidate has no reportable criminal history. Our Instant Clear coverage currently spans the majority of the U.S. population and keeps getting better.
  • 25% faster turnaround times. When you need more extensive background reports, Asurint still delivers more quickly than the competition. Our unique court relationships are a big part of the reason why.
  • A 99.99% accuracy rate, plus more records. Speed is of little use if you aren’t getting true, comprehensive information about your candidates. Asurint’s methods help you get the best possible picture so you can make the right hiring decision.

Given the current labor market, every small advantage can reap significant returns in hiring success. That means it could be time to reconsider your background search capabilities.

We’d be happy to answer any questions that such a review process raises and give you a look around the Asurint solution. Simply contact us

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