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Drive Hiring Efficiencies with ATS-Integrated Background Checks

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Manual workloads are a drag, and not just on productivity. HR professionals who get stuck duplicating efforts across multiple technology systems have less time for the strategic and people-focused work that really excites them—and that holds the entire organization back.

At Asurint, we get it. We’re dedicated to delivering automation features and integrations to eliminate manual tasks and boost efficiency. You can start by integrating background checks with your ATS or HRIS.
The ability to order a background screening and review the results from within an existing IT system is a great leap forward for most organizations. Even better is streamlining processes to further reduce administrative headaches. But how do you go about it?

You can find out by registering for our latest webinar, Improve Your Hiring Process: Integrate ATS & HRIS for Seamless Background Checks. You’ll gain a helpful overview of the integration process and learn more about opportunities to customize for your workflows. We’ll cover topics like:
  • Considerations for a successful integration
  • Integration workflow design
  • A look into the go-live process
A Q&A will follow, giving you a chance to ask questions. Asurint Chief Technology Officer David Ramsey will facilitate the discussion, and Screen Team experts, Drew Auman and Rich Mauch, will give participants the benefit of their integration know-how.

Plus, special guest Michelle Balsick of Staffmark Group will share her experience with multiple Asurint integrations, which have enabled her large staffing firm to meet numerous clients’ unique employment screening needs.

Improve Your Hiring Process: Integrate ATS & HRIS for Seamless Background Checks will be held THIS THURSDAY, February, 25th at 12 PM EST. So register now!

Once again, this is an excellent opportunity to grab lunch or a mid-morning coffee and join us for an interesting and interactive session. Or if you can’t attend live, go ahead and register for the event anyway, and we’ll send you the recording to enjoy at your convenience and share with colleagues.