New Whitepaper: Negligent Hiring & the Transportation Industry

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Background screening is an important tool that allows employers the confidence in hiring new talent for their organization. Having sound background screening policies in place not only helps HR professionals hire the right talent, but to also protect them against negligent hiring lawsuits.

Employers in the transportation industry maybe be more vulnerable to negligent hiring claims than other industries. But why, though? The reasons come down to who they hire -- the drivers, and their actions that cause significant monetary and bodily harm to others. Simply put, treat background checks not as an annoyance or a box to check, but as a way to protect your organization & the public.

What You Need to Know

In our latest whitepaper, "Rig-orous Background Checks: Negligent Hiring & the Transportation Industry", we take a deep dive into negligent hiring claims against employers specific to the transportation industry. Learn a bit more about what negligent hiring is in relation to the transportation industry, what has historically happened in litigation cases against employers in the transportation industry, and what you can do as an employer to mitigate risk. 

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So what are you waiting for? Download this whitepaper now and learn how to start protecting your organization today! 


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