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Beyond Criminal: Accelerating Other Pre-Employment Verifications

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The pre-employment screening process varies by industry and by the position for which a candidate is applying. While there are numerous roles for which a quality criminal background check is sufficient to enhance workplace safety, there are many times when collecting additional information is necessary or even legally required.

Fortunately, there are also ways to streamline comprehensive vetting processes in order to secure quality candidates right away.

Common Pre-Employment Screenings

Depending on their situation, employers may want or need to verify:

  • Candidate-supplied work history, including dates of employment, title of the position held and location or facility at which the individual worked
  • Education background and degrees earned
  • Current professional licenses, such as for medical doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, or social workers

With the prevalence of résumé inaccuracies these days, taking the extra step to verify such details is increasingly important. Research conducted by the job posting site Monster, for example, found that 78 percent of applicants lied about skills, experience, previous positions, college degrees and more. Employers in regulated industries and those reliant on top talent have a vested interest in confirming the specifics candidates provide about their professional histories.

When Time Isn’t on Your Side

A problem comes in for employers who need to balance enhanced screenings with candidates’ demands for quick notification about their job prospects. If overburdened, under-resourced HR departments may need days or even longer to follow up with previous employers and educational institutions, great new hires may move on.

Asurint helps by assuming responsibility for pre-employment verification processes on behalf of our clients. We can confirm education, employment, and licensure, whether for a single candidate up for a high-level position or for every prospect your organization screens. We can also provide a GAP Analysis Report to alert the hiring team if the applicant has a break in employment exceeding a threshold you set (e.g., 90 days).

To accelerate results, we operate under a data-first mandate, using technological means to confirm as much candidate information as possible. We then complement this with manual research, wherever necessary, to provide a complete picture of the potential new hire. As with our criminal background searches, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times no matter how extensive our client’s vetting requirements.

Across the country, companies are struggling to find and onboard the quality candidates they need to greet a reopening and expanding economy. Anything that streamlines the process can help fill the roster, not to mention boosting employer reputation and even enhancing long-term retention.

If pre-employment verifications are holding your hiring back, why not talk to us today about outsourcing to Asurint?

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