How to Find a Better Background Check

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Not all background checks are created equal. Your ideal fit is worth searching for. 

The vast majority of organizations today conduct background checks. But not every company integrating this important pre-hire step in their onboarding process benefits from the best background checks.

In fact, many HR departments and staffing agencies are struggling with long wait times, less-than-stellar accuracy, and unresponsive service and support. If you’ve encountered such issues, you may be on hunt for a new background screening partner. But how can you make sure you don’t get burned again?

Asurint answers this challenge in our latest on-demand webinar, The Top 5 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Background Screening Provider. Designed with HR and staffing leaders in mind, this presentation addresses the most important factors to take into account before you sign on with a background check vendor.

Guiding the discussion, Asurint’s Lindsay Hahn shares the benefit of her experience as of veteran of the industry, providing viewers insight into:

  • Data resources: The quality of the data affects background check results. Get tips for vetting providers on this critical front.
  • Turnaround times: Every provider claims to be the fastest. Take a deeper dive into how background check speed should actually be measured.
  • Compliance: The legal environment surrounding background investigations is constantly shifting. Discover how a partner can help you stay within the lines.
  • Technological and human concerns: From ATS integration to customer service and support, learn how technology and people come together to create the background check experience.

To provide some extra help, we’re pairing this on-demand webinar with our ebook of the same name, The Top 5 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Background Screening Partner. When you register to access the presentation, you will automatically receive this informative guide, which can serve as a resource throughout your team’s selection process.

Details matter when it comes to background checks. The right provider can help you make a great first impression on candidates, accelerate hiring, improve the quality of talent you onboard, and free your staff of busywork. It makes sense to invest the time to learn how to assess background check partners and find one that meets your needs.

Get started now by viewing of The Top 5 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Background Screening Partner.

If you find that you still need more information or would like our answers to the top 5 questions, simply reach out

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